Did you set an intention to work with crystals more this year?

Written by Charissa Moore at

Whether you’re a crystal lover, jewelry fiend, or wanting to spiritually enrich your life, new moons are a great time to set intentions. As the new moon energy comes closer, we want to be laser-focused on what we want to manifest and the seeds we’re sowing to bloom at the full moon.

This can look like wanting to find new ways to incorporate crystals into our lives and work. I have favorite crystals I use often, and I’d thought I’d share a few of them as well as information about the properties of each. These are all incredible energies to align with during the new moon.

Citrine - It is common to find citrine ranging in color from pale lemon yellow to deep golden yellow. It is beneficial for cleansing and re-energizing each chakra. It boosts optimism, self-confidence, and concentration. Citrine is excellent for detoxing, so it makes a perfect additional to any health-related resolutions you set for yourself. If you've added exercise to your schedule in the new year, citrine is amazing for alleviating fatigue and increasing motivation! It is best when worn in contact with skin. *warning*: when buying citrine make sure to ask if it's natural or heat treated so you're aware of the type of product you're purchasing.

Rose Quartz - Speaking to the heart and higher heart chakras, rose quartz is a very gentle but powerful quartz crystal. Needing Cupid to speed things up in the love department before Valentine’s day? Try placing rose quartz by your bed or in the love corner of your home. A beautiful emotional healer, it strengthens empathy, promotes receptivity, encourages self-acceptance and forgiveness. Opening the chest and lungs, it can foster more receptivity to beauty of all kinds. Rose Quartz is a high-vibration crystal and one I often use for new moon intentions surrounding partnership, love, and teamwork.



Clear Quartz - Considered to be the master stone, clear quartz is a very high vibration crystal. Harmonizing and aligning all chakras this is a very powerful crystal. It is a powerful healer and energy amplifier. It stores, absorbs, releases, and regulates energy. It is common to find this crystal in necklace or earring form. Key chains are quite popular as well. Clear quartz enhances metaphysical abilities and is a stone I carry with me at all times. It improves energy, has a cleansing effect upon the organs, protects the immune system, and brings the entire body into balance. When held against the body with the termination (pointed end) pointing away from the body, you can draw off negative energy in the energetic field before it takes root in the physical form.

I hope you take the time to slowly incorporate these quartz crystals into your life and benefit from their amazing and healthful properties. Use them to help strengthen your new moon manifestations, intentions, and dreams.

Written by Charissa Moore at