CAM Gem Journal: Clothing Up-cycling

CAM Gem Journal: Clothing Up-cycling

Sustainability Tip

Clothing Up-cycling and Swapping

There were a few facts in my talk with Nicole from Swap Society that really stood out to me. Every second a full trash truck of either finished goods or textiles is brought to a landfill. Only 20% of what is brought to donation places actually ends up back in the cycle. The Fashion industry is the second largest polluter next to agriculture By swapping a t-shirt with a friend it saves enough water to allow someone to drink for 2 1/2 years Those are all horribly depressing facts. I get it, but we have to remember that sustainability is all about small swaps and steps. Something my team and I have been having a great time with is up-cycling. Last month DJ talked about her avocado seed dye project which turned out great. In terms of swapping there are sites like Swap Society or even small swap parties with friends. For my birthday last year I had everyone bring a handful of items. I had brought together quite a variety of people so the options felt really fresh to everyone.
If you had a process by which you evaluate purchases it would go like this Update and Up-cycle your current piece Swap with a friend for a piece you need Purchase it second hand Support a company making it of recycled materials or in a sustainable manor.          

Thinking small creates a big ripple.


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