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Since I've lived here I've had to get used to the 5th season. Fire Season. Every year it seems like this season is getting worse and worse out West. As of September 11th when I am writing this, there's about 7,414 fires that ragged in California alone. I wanted to talk about ways to help but also education surrounding this season and this element which has been suppressed for too long and now has gotten out of control. Fire is an example of living out of harmony and misunderstanding the element. It plays a vital role within our ecosystem and needs to be able to do it's intended job while at the same time keeping communities safe. It's a delicate dance. This is something I am still learning about so I am here to share information I've found. Please read through these resources and donate where you are called.
Click HERE for more facts from @ cyclicalbody
Click HERE to read about California's shortage of firefighting crews

Herbs for Support

Herbs To Support The Lungs During Fire Season

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