2020 Garden Journey

2020 Garden Journey

Herbs in the Kitchen


My Gardening Journey This Year

The land has a story it's dying to tell. It's been calling to you and luckily during this time of slowing down many have listened, starting small gardens or even just buying indoor plants. My journey with land this year expanded my love and knowledge of indoor plants and also made me realize that I desperately wanted to convert more of our yard into active gardens for the girls. No matter where you are in your journey I want to provide some links and inspiration. We have so much past material on plants, don't hesitate to reference our blog anytime.


December Moon Phases

December 14th at 8:16 am

New Moon in Sagittarius and then Capricorn


December 29th at 7:28 pm

Full Moon in Gemini and then Cancer



Cam Style Spotlight


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